The Wembley Pharmacy Clinic

Our highly-experienced and caring Clinic Sister offers valuable advice and assistance with your primary healthcare needs.

Sister Ros Sutherland qualified as a General Nurse in 1978 and as a Midwife in 1979. She has also completed a number of Vaccinology courses, and most recently a Paediatric Nutrition course in 2017.

The Clinic is Discovery Vitality and Momentum Wellness accredited. All reporting is done in accordance with medical and medical aid requirements.

The Wembley Pharmacy Clinic is open Tuesday to Thursday, with Wednesday as our designated Baby Clinic day, and appointments can be booked through WhatsApp on 076 317 2709.

Clinic Hours

Tuesdays: 8am – 4pm 

Wednesdays: Baby Clinic 8am – 2pm | General Clinic 3pm – 4pm 

Thursdays: 8am – 4pm

Closed for lunch from 2pm – 3pm every day

Book an Appointment

We know that life is busy; avoid a wait and rather book a clinic appointment ahead of time. 

WhatsApp: 076 317 2709

Call: 033 394 7855 



Clinic Services


  • General Checkup
  • Blood Pressure
  • Glucose Levels
  • Cholesterol (Total cholesterol, not split)
  • Discovery Vitality Testing
  • Momentum Wellness Testing
  • Hemoglobin Check (Iron Levels)
  • Urine Tests (For pregnancy and infections)
  • Family Planning

Baby Clinic & Family Planning

Our Clinic Sister is a Qualified Midwife and Family Planning Practitioner

  • Midwifery Services and Consultations
  • Contraception Planning
  • Immunisations – 9 Stage Programme
  • Baby Wellness Programme
    1. Weight Checks
    2. Nutrition Advice
    3. Illness and Colic
    4. Teething, and more


  • Contraception – Injection and Oral
    1. Free Government Supplied Medication
    2. Also Commercial Retail Medication
  • Vitamin B
  • Neurobion
  • Voltaren and Pain
  • Homeopathic Injectables


  • Suture (Stitch) and Cast Removal
  • Travel Medication and Advice
  • Ear Checks and Cleaning
  • General Medical Advice
  • Future Services: Visa Application Check-Up